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Autumn 6/18/06

6/18/06 Litter
6/18/06 Boy1
6/18/06 Boy2
6/18/06 Boy3
6/18/06 Girl

Millwood Autumn of BengalBasket + RW QGC Gateway Blazin Spots
Brown Leopard Spotted Glittered Bengals
3 Boys, 1 Girl
born Father's Day Sunday 6/18/06
Boy 1      SOLD
Boy 2      SOLD    
Boy 3      SOLD
Girl          SOLD
The mother is my awesome "Millwood Autumn of BengalBasket", an orangey-colored Milwood cat.
The father is "QGC Gateway's Blazin Spots", a.k.a. Blaze, known for his friendly purrsonality.
Autumn + Blaze kittens are striking colorful, golden, friendly, entertaining, leopard look-alikes.
Just look at the Autumn+Blaze pictures - if you want a kitty like that, it's best to reserve a spot on my wait list.  The pictures say it all!
I have heard back from one of the homes, how entertaining their Autumn+Blaze cat is - he plays a game where he moves a giant stuffed pug dog (more than twice his size) from the top of a bunk bed in their daughter's room, and hides it in various places around the house - sometimes under the owner's bed in a different room, sometimes behind a dresser - they say he is really entertaining them - they don't know where they'll find the pug dog next.



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